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Thank you for taking the time to visit our web page today, please check out all our tabs on the menu selection at the top of the webpage's, also theirs links at the bottom of this page. If you are visiting us today because you want us to do an investigation for you, please go to the About us menu an select contact pvi team, from their you can send us an E-mail.

We are based in Manchester UK.


*Live PVI Camera*

This is where we will be posting live feeds of investigations, our camera's will not be shown if there is no investigation going on. We normally Air between the hours of 11pm till 6am UK time. Tonights live web cam is at....

! NEW Shocking alien interview Talks of nuclear war !

A must watch video of Alien species, being given an interview and tells of time travel through different dimensions, the meaning of life and why they've come to observe us, before we destroy each other in an all out nuclear war to come.

for our episodes click the button below

If you are Watching our live pvi cam and manage to catch any evidence of paranormal behaviour please right click the screen an save image, if you are using mobile devices, you can hold the screen and save image an please send them to us at the contact email address provided on our web page an we will display them!

The red balloon movie.

A babysitter is troubled by the odd behaviors of the little girl she is looking after. Is she just having nightmares, or is it something else?

For Pvi's Weekly random selected horror movie's, grab ya self some snacks get cosy turn the lights off, click the pvi movie button below!

The very best horror game's

!Play my game's if you got the gut's!

Secret Message hidden in song's when played in reverse!, press Go to hear!

Are you using a mobile device, visit this website with puffin web browser from your app store, to play flashplayer content.

*Manchester's Top 10 Haunted Locations*

We are going to visit all these locations in the next coming month's so please click the video to see the most haunted places where we will be doing our investigations soon!

*leave your storys with us..*

!!*Win your own Ghost hunting equipment worth £100*!!

for your chance to win the Ghost hunting equipment, all you have to do is leave us with your best true horror story or send us your paranormal video's or pictures using the E-mail provided.


*!!Win a PVI trip with our Team!!*

PVI team is now grabbing the tickets for our next Ghost trip give away! For your chance to win, leave us with your best true ghost story or send us evidence of paranormal.

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